Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hi, I'm now getting excited having a project to do like this SAL. I have small projects that I got for Christmas gifts and have started one already. I don't have a blog right now. I figured I'll try to make one soon. Don't know if I have enough info to write and keep one going tho. Life isn't so interesting here right now. Anyway ready to have fun. Mona - IN

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Welcome & Thanks for Joining Me!!!

I am excited to get started on this SAL.  Thank you all for wanting to stitch these little blocks and a big thanks to Brooke for designing them! 

These can be stitched individually or all together.  The vision of these blocks as Brooke designed them was to be stitched in rows of 5 leaving Z on the bottom with room on either side for The Stitcher's Alphabet and a Name and Date. 

Each letter block is 31 x 36 stitches. We are stitching this piece over two treads on a 28 count Tea-Dyed Monaco by Charles Craft (Fabric measures 24 x 30). I am stitching it with 6 stitches separating each block. Of course, finished dimensions will vary depending on fabric count and placement of the blocks in the composition.

My thought in keeping a steady pace on these will be to set a goal of the following:

January = A & B
February = C & D
March = E & F
April = G & H
May = I & J
June = L, M, & N
July = O & P
August = Q, R, & S
September = T & U
October = V & W
November = X, Y, & Z
December = Sampler finish along side Z

This is of course just a guideline please work at your own pace.  I know there are many just starting and many already done with the current designs out.  Brooke does intend on getting this finished quickly so you will not be waiting until August =)

I thought I'd share my work on this project.  Now that I have it out I'm going to whip out O. 

I bought this little hanger for mine.  I'm going to finish it into a wall hanging.

I'm looking forward to seeing all your progress!!!  Happy Stitching!  Meagan